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19-year-old singer-songwriter/vlogger/filmmaker from the greater LA area
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Barton Hollow - The Civil Wars (Cover by Hannah Moroz and Mike Sanjuan)

Finally get to show you guys this thing I’ve been working on with Mike Sanjuan! Remember he’s still trying to raise money to release his new album, which is going to be awesome, so please help him out if you can over at fundanything.com/dreamers-fools.

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So today’s fave in music: Mike Sanjuan! He’s currently raising money over at http://fundanything.com/dreamers-fools for what will undoubtedly be an amazing album. So please watch this video right now and throw money at him (virtually. on the internet.)

The Poison I Keep - Hannah Moroz (Original)


The Effects of Young Adult Fiction - icanSOdorandom

I was on vacation with terrible internet when I first tried to show you this video. Sorry about that. I wanted to talk about YA fiction and the positive/negative effects it has had on me (because I was tagged, but also because I wanted to). I’d love to hear your thoughts about YA fiction if you have any to share!

Plus it helps me a lot when you share this video or comment on YouTube. Thanks guys!

Playing a little show in Long Beach next week for those of you who are interested! I mean. It’s free.

WE AT IT AGAIN - VidCon 2014- icanSOdorandom

This was, without a doubt, the best VidCon I’ve ever been to. Thank you to everyone who was a part of that experience with me!


Favorite quotes from the Unofficial VidCon survey about unofficial events:


"The storytelling circle was ballin’"

Click this link to take the survey now!

Whoever said the Secret Show is life

I feel you.

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We will be on the grass-hills in front of the mainstage. Meet tomorrow at 5pm!

Thank you so much for coming out to the show tonight. You guys were a wonderful the audience (I mean you could have danced crazier but I’m not about to grade your dancing). Seriously your support means everything to me. If you’ll be at VidCon, come see me perform on the open mic stage in the grand plaza tomorrow at 12:50! It’ll be good stuff.