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18-year-old singer-songwriter/vlogger/filmmaker from the greater LA area
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I hope that being a trading card will add credibility to my conversation.

Good day

They cut a massive tree in my neighborhood down and I’m very upset about it.

Some people act like they’ve seen everything. They’ll act like a plane ride or a car drive is no big deal — more of an inconvenience than anything. Some people see all the stars in one. Some people have already seen the clouds and the sun, and I don’t understand it, but they are satisfied. Every place is a place, every scene can be looked at, and this eclipse of the moon is just too late to watch.
I want to ask: how can you get used to any of this? I still walk out my front door and re-notice how nice my street looks on any given day, I’m going to sit here and watch some of this eclipse, and I’ll watch every cloud I glide over from so many feet in the air. I can’t help it. I haven’t taken anything with me for the road in a long time, because the road is enough. I’m very patient with the view.

Everything you need to know about keeping up with quidditch World Cup scores! Including links to the scoreboard and livestream. Just look out for LBFQ

I own a portrait of my own face. - icansodorandom

So have you seen my new vlog yet?

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We have made over half our goal but we’re not there just yet. Today is the last day of the indiegogo campaign so please spread the word and donate if you can! 

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Hey I’m playing this show on Feb. 27th and you’re invited!